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We all know Kylie Jenner and her famous cosmetics line Kylie Cosmetics, well now she has released her new skincare line Kylie Skin. 7 products have been released and there are mixed reviews. The products sold out fast, but not everyone has had the best results with the products. Kylie has stated that she has tried her best to have the lowest possible prices. She has also stated that she has spent several years trying to make the formula perfect so we all expected nothing but the best.

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The new skincare products include:

1) Foam Face Wash: $24 USD This face wash was the first product in the line that Kylie created. It has a very luxurious feel to it. This product along with the toner are the only 2 products in the line that have a very light fragrance to them.

2) Walnut Face Scrub: $22 USD This face scrub is very gentle but effective. It is safe to use multiple times a week.

3) Vanilla Milk Toner: $22 USD. This toner helps take off any extra makeup left behind after the face wash and helps tone your skin. This product is alcohol free which is great so that it won’t strip your skin of the essential oils that you actually need in your skin. This toner does have a light fragrance and it comes in an easy to use squeeze bottle to help get the product out on a cotton pad.

4) Moisturizer: $24 USD This is a thick moisturizer which is Kylie’s favourite product. It is a great base for makeup and it even has a blue light protection which is great to help protect your skin from the blue light that computers and cellphone give off.

5) Vitamin C Serum: $28 USD . This product is packed with powerful ingredients that help reduce redness and helps produces collagen.

6) Eye Cream: $20 USD This product comes with an applicator so it’s easy to apply under your eyes. The ingredients in this product are great such as green tea, vitamin E, and caffeine all to help reduce puffiness.

7) Makeup Removing Wipes: $10 USD These wipes remove dirt, oil and makeup.

With this skin set ( set $125 USD) you can expect beautiful, glowing, healthy skin. This first launch is for all skin types. The individual lines for particular skin types will be coming out later as Kylie has stated that she is still working on those products and it may take some time to finish formulating.

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The most controversial product in this line is definitely the Walnut Scrub, which actually contains the shells of walnuts. This type of scrub has been known to cause skin irritations which can lead to skin inflammation and actually cause more harm than good to your skin overtime. We recommend doing your research before using any walnut scrubs.

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All products are available at and all products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, sulphate free and dermatologist tested. The website will have worldwide shipping.

Let us know your thoughts on this new skincare line and if you have tried any of the products.