New Makeup Line | Patrick Ta Beauty


Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta has just launched is own makeup line today. The 28 year makeup artist is known for creating some of the best makeup looks for some of the biggest celebrities like Rita Ora, Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Shay Mitchell just to name a few. We always love following his work because it is the perfect blend of glam and natural. His celebrity clients never look over done. Ta has been working on his own line for the past 2 years, so formulation is expected to be the best.

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Google Image

The products that are apart of the launch today are: Major Glow Body Oil ($52 USD) in A Dream which is a champagne colour and A Moment which is a bronze shade. Major Glow Lip Shine ($22 USD) will be available in 3 shades- She’s Expensive a gold and white pearl, She’s An Influencer which is a pink-blue and gold pearl and lastly Is She Younger Than Me a Peach and Pink Pearl. Major Glow Highlighter Mist ($32 USD) Look At Her a white pearl mist, We Love Her a beautiful pink pearl and We Need Her a gold pearl. We are sure that there will be great things to come from this brand in the near future. One thing we can all count on is to get a major glow from each and every product as that is what Patrick Ta is known for.

Let us know in the comments below if you are looking forward to trying this new makeup line.