Saying goodbye to a makeup legend

The announcement came about a week ago of an iconic eyeshadow palette being discontinued. Urban Decay has decided to discontinue the original Naked palette. This was my first "real" eyeshadow palette, as that was the case for many people. It is such an iconic palette, that any makeup lover has in their collection. The palette is still currently available while qualities last at and

UB Naked .jpg

This was one of my first Urban Decay purchases and thats when I fell in love with the brand. The quality of eyeshadows are amazing with great pigmentation. I used this palette everyday for about a year, it was my absolute favourite! One of the only palettes that I actually hit pan on. I haven't actually used it in a couple years now, but since the announcement I pulled it out again to create some great eye looks. 

Many people in the beauty community have said that this announcement of the discontinuation is all a marketing plot. Since Urban Decay is only discontinuing the first Naked palette and not any of the other ones, many people think that they want people to go out and buy this palette while they can to increase sales. Others are saying that they will relaunch the palette with a newer more modern look. Other makeup companies have been doing this lately, so you just never know. Whatever the case may be this palette will always remain one of my favourites and close to my makeup junkie heart.