MAC Prep and Prime Fix+


One of my all time favourite products..... the Mac Prep and Prime Fix+. I take this product EVERYWHERE with me. I use this face mist to finish off my makeup look. The spray helps my makeup look more blended especially the powder products.

Just a reminder that Fix+ is not a setting spray it is a finishing spray. So do not expect this spray to make your makeup last longer, for that you will need to add a setting spray once you have finished applying your makeup. Although some people have claimed that this product does help their makeup last longer, though I haven't had that experience and feel a good setting spray is a must after you have completed your look. 

This is a very versatile product. It has many uses such as:  

If you are a fan of using a Beauty Blender to apply your makeup you can dampen the sponge with Fix+ and then use the sponge to apply your makeup. Your makeup will look very even and more natural on the skin.

You can also use Fix+ by spraying it directly on your makeup brushes. Apply your eyeshadow to your eyeshadow brush and then spray some Fix+ on it, your eyeshadows will look much more intense on the eyelids. 

If you feel like your skin needs a little refreshing throughout the day, just give yourself a little mist of Fix+ and it will help sooth and refresh the skin.

This product is not just for the face. You can also use it to help detangle your hair. πŸ™†πŸ»

You can also use this product right after you take a shower. Just spray the mist evenly all over your face to lock in moisture.

If any of your products dry out, add Fix+ to the product to bring the product back to life. Especially your gel eyeliners and they all go on more smoothly. 

Fix+ helps sheer out products but can also help intensify colours. Its great for intensifying highlighters!   

You can purchase these products either in the full size or travel size which is great for on the go to carry in your purse. I always have at least one with me in my carryon so I can give my skin a little refreshing mist while in the air to keep it hydrated.  

Fix+ comes in the original scent and now is also available in coconut, lavender and rose scents. I love them all. ❀️

Available at πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ or for Canadians πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦