Product Review | Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer


Since moving to Vietnam I have been hearing more about Korea skincare. On my search for the best skincare products I searched everywhere for a great moisturizer. Since I no longer needed a heavy moisturizer like I did in Canada, especially during the winter. Now in Asia being in 35 plus degree weather I needed something light weight but that would still help hydrate my skin. 

I started hearing a lot about Glow Recipe. Glow Recipe started by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang who wanted to create a website that makes natural, harsh-free beauty products along with having the latest skincare trends from Korea for people around the world.

Their famous moisturizer Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer was highly talked about so I decided to give it a try. I was happy to see that Sephora started carrying Glow Recipe products and so I purchased it for the Sephora website 

glow recipe watermelon pink juice moisturizer .jpg

As soon as it arrived I began using it. I absolutely love the lightweight texture of the product. It goes on so smoothly and easily glides over the skin. The first week or so I didn’t see any big change in my skin. BUT the second week I definitely began noticing the glow that Glow Recipe said would come with using this moisturizer. And I was certain of the glow when others started complementing me. This moisturizer is meant to hydrated and plump the skin. It is made from vitamin and amino acid rich watermelon extract and soothing botanicals. It has a cooling gel emulsion which helps with fast absorption into the skin.

Glow Recipe watermelon moisturizer .jpg

This is now my favourite go to moisturizer. I highly recommend this product for everyday use especially in the summer months or everyday if your living in a hot country.

Stay hydrated